Build your own HPA

How do you go about building your own HPA?

First join the BHPFC.

Then do some research, read as much as possible, start at Publishing and Human powered flying and propdesigner.co.uk. It’s much too late after you have started building it.

Then think about talking to some people who have already built a HPA. They have done most of the stupid thing already so you don’t have to find out  the hard way for yourself.

Start doing some calculations to see what is required in terms of wing area and wing span to get a feel for the problem of designing HPAs.

Then you are ready to start the design. There are designs out there for wing spars or you can design your own.

Build the HPA. This requires some space. As HPAs are normally built in sections, only, the space required can be moderate, 5 or 6 metres long. It is only when you want to assemble the whole aircraft that there may be problems.

Simple! Well, not really. It can be a complex process but there is help and encouragement  on this site.

There can be a real problem of finding a place to fly. This is one reason for the Icarus cup