A short history of human powered flight

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The first western reference to human powered flight is the story of Icarus and Daedalus.

The first flights extended by human power were in the 1930’s.

The Royal Aeronautical Society Man Powered Aircraft Group formed in 1959.

Henry Kremer set up the Kremer prize for a figure-of-eight flight around two markers half a mile (~0.8 Km) apart in 1959.

The first genuine flight by a human powered aircraft was by SUMPAC in 1961 where Derek Piggott took off and landed under his own power.

The Kremer prize was won by Pilot Bryan Allen in Gossamer Condor in 1977.

The Kremer cross-channel prize was won by Bryan Allen in Gossamer Albatross in 1979.

The first competitive gathering of more than one HPA at a British airfield was the Icarus cup in 2012.

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