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Human Powered Aircraft records

First flight

SUMPAC  on November 9th 1961 piloted by Derek Piggot.

Winner first Kramer prize (figure of eight course)

Gossamer Condor on August 23rd 1977 piloted by Bryan Allen.

Winner Kramer speed prize

Monarch B May 11th 1984 piloted by Frank Scarabino.

Distance record - men

74 miles (119 Km) by Daedalus on April 23rd 1988 piloted by Kanellos Kanellopoulos.

Distance record - women

15.44 km by Light Eagle on January 21st, 1987 piloted by Lois McCallin, in 37 minutes 38 seconds.

Winner Cross-Channel Kramer prize

Gossamer  Albatross on 12th June 1979 piloted by Bryan Allen. This was also the longest flight at 35.7 km for a HPA before Daedalus.

First Passenger carrying flight

Musculair I piloted by Holger Rochelt, the passenger was Katrin Rochelt, Holger's sister.

British records

Distance record

1171 yards (1070 m) by Jupiter June 29th 1972 piloted by John Potter (Limited by length of runway)

There is room for improvement, as far as I can tell, no British woman has flown under their own power and no British HPA has flown the Kramer figure of eight course.

Official Human powered Aircraft records are kept by the FAI at http://www.fai.org/record-experimental-new-technologies under “HumanPowered aeroplane”. Not the friendliest of sites.