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This year the BHPFC will be holding a full competition.

Full sponsor

Partial sponsor

Why would you want to sponsor the competition

This competition will be covered by both local to the area, British and international media.

This is your opportunity to sponsor this new competition. The cost starts at £9,000 although £12,000 is a more realistic figure and you have the option of naming the competition.

What sort of company would want to sponsor the competition?

Any company wanting exposure both in Britain and abroad. The competition is about hi-tech design and construction of aeroplanes including Carbon fibre and electronics for control. The aircraft have to be designed to use material efficiently to keep weight down.

It is also about human power and so any company involved in any or all aspects or wishes to be associated with any aspect.

It is anticipated that most entrants will be from Universities or students of Universities as in the rally this year (2015).

What else?

The web site can show the sponsor’s logo with a link to their web site. Media like photos and videos can have the sponsor’s logo. Sponsors and their clients can visit the airfield to see the planes fly and talk to the contestants and will have escorted tours.

Partial sponsor

If you don’t think you can justify fully sponsoring the competition but wish to contribute towards the sponsorship of the competition then a lot of the above applies.